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Earn mods by playing via Loyalty Points

On Peanut Poop Skittles you earn Loyalty Points just by being logged in to the server. You can redeem those points towards the cool mods below! In order to see how many points you have press T and type /loyalty and hit enter and your points will be displayed. Currently in order to redeem your points you must email admin@gameadaygamer.com with your in game name. I will manually check your points and award your permission. This may take up to 12 hours. This will hopefully be automated soon! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Backpacks-240 Points

With the Backpacks mod you gain access to a complete extra inventory for hauling around more gear! If you are killed it is dropped as a seperate bag. To use press T, type /backpack and press enter to open. For ease of use you can bind it to the B key by pressing F1 and typing "bind b backpack.open" without the "s and hitting enter.

Bank-960 Points

Bank allows you to keep 4 stacks of most items safe at all times. No one but you can access it. To use press T and type /bank and hit enter. You can then drag and drop items in and out of the bank.

Extended Recycler-720 Points

Have you ever wanted to have the convenience of having your very own in base Recycler? With Extended Recycler you are granted access to the ability to craft and place your own Recyclers at whim! To use you press T and type /recycler.craft. If you have the proper amount of items it will be crafted, if not it will display what you need to craft it.

Furnace Splitter-120 Points

When you drop ores in furnaces or crude into a refinery it autosplits the stack and add the perfect amount if wood to cook it while also displaying how much time it will take to cook it to completion. Doesn't require a command.

Hammer Time-360 Points

Lets you demolish or rotate a wall with a hammer as long as you are the building owner whenever you want. Makes expanding bases SO much easier! Doesn't require a command.

Sign Artist-480 Points

Grants you the ability to post URL based Jpegs to any paint-able item in game! To use press T and type /sil "CTRL+V" where "CTRL+V" is the url of the jpeg you previously copied from a web browser.

SkinBox-840 Points

One of everyones favorites SKinBox allows you the ability to skin any item on command from a varying and custom list of skins that changes based on current Steam Workshop popularity. Most of the skins have not been released for sale as well so it gives you some great options to see some of the amazing skins available to upvote for release in the Workshop! To use press T and type /skinbox . You then can drag any skinnable item into the box on the right. Select your skin by dragging the one you like out of the box and back into your inventory. You can also bind this abilty by prssing F1 and in the command line area typing"bind * skinbox.open" where * is your key of choice.

Wheres My Corpse-600 Points

Have you ever had a real tough time finding the spot where you died? Now its SO much easier to figure out where you dropped dead! To use press T and type /where and hit enter. A message will pop up telling you in what direction and how many meters away your corpse was last seen! You can use this ability as much as you need to in order to locate the body.