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© 2016-2018  Blue Dreams Pictures and RGD Entertainment

Peanut Poop Skittles is a modded Rust server with the type of player in mind who might not have unlimited time to play. The server has STANDARD Mods, mods that are in play for everyone who joins the server and it has EARNED Mods which as the title suggests are special abilities(mods) earned via server play time. You can find a list of these mods HERE. Below is a list of what you can expect when you start.

Wood, Metal and Sulfur farming amounts have been increased 2.5X more than Vanilla.

Fully custom Loot Tables.

Chinook Drop Randomizer- Crates can even be dropped under water!

Random Skins on Item Creation if you select the standard skin option.

Loot Bouncer-Containers are automatically emptied if items are left behind.

NPCs drop their weapons and extra loot!

Custom Stack Sizes.

A nice little UI in the bottom left that tells you in-game time, how many people are connected and how many are asleep.

Death Notes-Announces who killed what and with what weapon and from what distance!

See your Kill to Death ratio by pressing T and typing /kdr and pressing enter.

See Player Leaderboard by pressing T and typing /top and pressing enter.

100 Person Server Located in New York/New Jersey area.

Forced Wipes only. (First Thursday of every month)

Blueprints Wipe every 2 months. Next wipe 6-6